As a pole dancer myself I wanted a piece of jewellery with a pole dancer on it I started searching but all I could find on the Internet was dozens of posts from other pole dancers all searching for the same thing so I decided to make my own.

The first model I commissioned was created by moulding a type of jeweller's clay onto a wire frame to form the body and was completely unsuccessful as the detail was not good enough.
The second model was carved from wax by hand which took weeks and weeks to do.  The detail was much better than the first model so this was then cast in silver.

After much expense and aggravation I now finally have exactly what I wanted - a silver pole dancer charm with accurately positioned and proportioned limbs.  I believe this is the world's first (and finest) three dimensional pole dancer charm that is actually a genuine pole dancing pose.  

The first charm "Loula" named after Lou Landers was released in August 2011 and has attracted many compliments from over a hundred delighted buyers.  The second charm "Robyn" featuring a dancer in the bridge position arrived a few months later and in November 2011 I surprised all my customers by launching TWO charms - the Eagle pose in honour of Felix Cane and the Cross-knee release named Serena meaning peace and calm (something the pole world could use a bit more of sometimes).  In February 2012 a fifth dancer in the Cupid pose called Valentina joined the collection.

My charms are the original and best pole dancer charms and are only available from me so beware of badly made imitations that lack the fine detail, accurately posed limbs and beautifully pointed toes.

I hope you like them and I look forward to creating some more exquisite charm designs in 2012. 

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